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The company

Magnetec Indústria Eletroeletrônica, a Brazilian company headquartered in the municipality of Glorinha / RS, in an area of ​​15,000 mt of land, where it maintains the entire process of development and industrialization of electronic and mechanical equipment. Acting in the line of Patrimonial Security, Industrial Security, Hobi and Commercialization. Since 1991 in the market, develops equipment and systems that aim at effective solutions, providing means of prevention and monitoring.

  • Manufacture of security and safety equipment. Metal detectors, conveyor belts, mining.    
  •  Development and execution of special and integrated projects;    
  •  Development and research of new technologies;    
  •  Development of software and applications for security and access control;    
  •  Maintenance and technical assistance in metal detectors and revolving doors of various brands.


Promote the technological, patrimonial and social growth of the company;   

 Act integrated to the socio-environmental system;   

  Provide excellence in quality standards;

    To value and promote the professional growth of its employees. 

Quality policy   

  •  Through the commitment of the Senior Management and its collaborators Magnetec seeks:
  • Respect the commitments made, always aiming at the satisfaction of our clients;
  • The continuous improvement of our processes and services; Empower our professionals;
  • Maintain a good working environment for our employees;
  • Meet the applicable requirements of the Management System implemented.
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