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Metal Detector that indicates the location of the metal in the body of the soldier.

The detection view is through a light bar located on the side of the equipment parallel to the body of the tester.

A metal located at the foot of the soldier, the light bar lights at the bottom and activates a beep.

The number of zones corresponds to the number of sensors and the division of the luminous bar, so the number of zones increases the accuracy in the location.

This product line is manufactured from 3 to 15 zones.

Line P D indicates side where the metal is.

The most suggested are 8 zones or 15 zones. They provide better location of the object to be detected. It has high sensitivity for small objects.

Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Equipment designed for penitentiaries, airports, embassies and industries.


Pen-drive, Electronics, Projectile, Tools, Sheets, Coins, Jewelry.
 For environments subject to inclement weather, such as: rain, maresias. We manufacture waterproof WP version. IP65.

One-year warranty against manufacturing defects and permanent technical support.


1 - High sensitivity for small pen-drive objects, electronics, projectiles, tools, coins, jewelry, weapons and knives.

2- Medium sensitivity, high discrimination between weapons and personal objects such as watches, coins, glasses.

It offers greater comfort in the magazine avoiding unnecessary alarms.

  • CIENTEC report No risk to pacemaker patients.
  • Report CIENTEC Performance Metal Detector MAG XXI 600.
  • CIENTEC report Performance in climatic variation.
  • In accordance with NBR5410


  • Melamine plate L-119 - Steel - Aluminum - PVC.
  • Try steel or aluminum with electrostatic paint.
  • Fixing base IP 65 nylon polymer
  • Control panel in plastic, with tilting protection and polycarbonate keypad for access to all configurations and parameters
  •  On / off switches in the field.


  • 90v to 240v VCA Rated Power Supply.
  • Consumption 30W.


  • Modular cabinet.
  • Operation
  • -10º C to + 65º C. Relative Humidity 0% to 95%.
  • Degree of protection IP 40 st.


  • Digital microprocessed.
  • Four Conectt System. It allows you to perform several tasks at the same time. Ex: Adjust sensitivity and continue detecting.
  • Communication Interface PC.
  • Frequency multiple operation 1Khz to 10Khz.

Security level

  • High.

Access passwords

  • 4 Operators
  • 1 Technique

Number of zones

  •  Multizonas.


  • Visual.
  • High intensity bargraph lindicate the volume of metal detected.

Indicative pictogram.

  • Green free.
  • Red detection.

LED bar.

  • Throughout the TX sensor.
  • Sound.


  •  0% to 100%. Ex. Used for nonmetallic materials in inspections.
  • Configurable draw.

1- Only input. 2- Only output.3-Input and output.

Auto diagnosis

  • Monitors operation Detector


  •  Detection number.
  •  Number of inputs and outputs.

Contact Exit

  • Relay

System Settings.

  • Sensitivity 250 to 1000 levels per area (optional).
  • Self-programming sensitivity (auto-calibration).
  • Program level security 1 - 2 - 3.
  • Selection of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous.
  • 2-line liquid crystal display for 16 Big Numbers columns.
  • Alphanumeric access password being 4 operator 1 technician.
  • Date and time clock.
  • Enables relay. (Relay Output 10A NA / NF.
  • Counters inlet output and detections with statistics and report.
  • Bargraph is active on the screen by zone or by summation.
  • Audible alarm: Volume, tone, tempo.
  • Bitonal alarm: small object 1 tone, large object 2 tone.
  • Frequency channels: 20 technician, 50 factory.
  • Program memory. Twenty with sensitivity adjustment and type of metals. Non-volatile (EEPROM)
  • May be placed in scheduling by dates and times for operation.
  • IP configuration for PC communication. (Communication software, reports, settings and settings)
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish.
  • Digital filters: Speed ​​and frequency.

Standard dimensions:

  • Total Height 2283 mm
  • Overall Width 840 mm
  • Throughput 700 mm x 2100 mm
  • Net product weight: ± 63 kg
  • Gross weight: ± 69 kg





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