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R$ 5.860,00


The AMX PRO product line was developed by DM Detectors to prospect for treasures, relics or concentrations of gold at great depths and has technical features that serve other sectors.

The AMX PRO features state-of-the-art technology (Germany Technology).

Digital system Microprocessor of high power and high sensitivity, with great power of penetration in the ground.

Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as gold and silver, among others.

Bluetooth technology for communication with Android system (from version 4.4). With this technology, the Treasure Monitor application communicates with the metal detector and generates 3D graphics using a cell phone or tablet to view the conductivity of metal objects and the approximate depth, depending on the volume of the mass of the object.


  •  Digital Micro Processed VLF.
  •  Reflected wave system.
  •  Two RX / TX polymer antennas - 16 "x 20".
  •  Frequency: 6.5 KHz, 100 Vpp at 400 Vpp.
  •  Bluetooth communication. 20 mt.
  • Languages: Portuguese - English - Spanish.
  •  Software: Treasure Monitor.
  •  Manual / automatic ground balance.
  •  Threshold work mode.
  •  Pinpointer work mode.
  •  Reflex mode: 6 Levels.
  •  Adjusting the audible alarm volume: 50 levels.
  •  Sensitivity: 50 levels.
  • Automatic battery test. With low battery sound.
  • Alphanumeric display with illumination.
  • Metal volume indicator bargraph.
  • ·Bargraph indicating the approximate depth of metal detected.
  •  Detection sound indicator.
  •  Rechargeable Battery / Automatic Charger 90/220 Vac.
  •  Earphone.
  •  Transport Strap.
  •  Support to attach to the detector: tablet or smartphone.
  •  One year warranty.





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