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Detects small ferrous or non-ferrous metal particles avoiding contamination of the product. This equipment is required in the most diverse international standards related to QUALITY such as ISO 22000, BRC and HACCP.
Tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

     With three types of protection for environments:
     IP 69k Supports Severe Drying on the production line.
     IP 65 Supports Washing on the production line.
     IP 40 Supports Cleaning with wet cloth and production air jet.



 This equipment, upon detecting a metal particle, triggers an audible and visual alarm. It offers 3 relay outputs for the activation of stopping devices of the conveyor or expulsion. Used in the inspection of dry, wet, pasty or frozen products.

 Food Industry


  • birds, cows, fish

    Ex: Chicken, Steaks.


    Solid or Paste.
    Ex: Salamis, Pates.


    Solid, Liquid, Paste.
    Eg: Cheese, Milk, Cream.


    Bread, Pasta, Biscuits, Sweets,.
    Ex: Breads, Noodles, Chocolates, Bullets, Snacks, etc.


    Solids, Liquids
    Ex: Vegetables and greens in general, Fruits, Juices.


    Grain or Farináceos.
    Ex: Soy, Corn, Starch, Flours in General.


    Solid, Liquid, Paste.
    Ex: Tablets, Syrups, Ointments.


    Solid, Liquid, Paste.
    Ex: Soap, Liquid Soap, Creams.


    Plastic, Cardboard.
    Ex: Pots, Bags, Metallic Bags.


    Fabrics, Lines, Finished Products.


    Polymers in general.


    Sheets or Granules.


    Solid, liquid.
    Ex: Latex, Salt, Limestone.

 Technical Features:

    Selective fit for metal alloys;
    Great electromagnetic compatibility;
    Self-compensating product effect;
    Frequency channel selector;
    Preset memory positions;
    Auxiliary function: Enables the integration of the detector with external sensors, defining operating parameters to them;
    Alphanumeric access password (user / technician);
    Relay outputs NA / NF with drive time adjustment;
    Contaminated products counter;
    Ability to inspect dry, wet, salted or sweet product lines, whether or not packaged;
    Indicator of possible system failures;
    Alternating power system: 110V or 220V;
    Consumption: 50W;
    Automatic detection adjustment (self-calibration by sampling material to be detected);
    Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
    Bargraph detection and noise indicators;
    Filters for interference from electric fields;
    Menu (03) languages;


    Structure built in different materials: Aluminum, stainless steel.
    Different degrees of protection.
    IP40 IP65 IP69K
    Various dimensions available according to product to be inspected.






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