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MAG PV 300 C

Developed for easy installation. Because it has one of its removable sides, which eliminates the need for the conveyor section. Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles. This equipment, when detecting a metal particle. It offers 3 relay outputs for the actuation of transient or expulsion type devices. Used in the inspection of dry, wet, pasty or frozen products. Limestone Industry: Mireireira:

Ex: Compensated plates, MDF, wood chips, cement.


Technical Characteristics

  • Digital technology;
  • Selective fit for metal alloys;
  • Great electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Self-compensating product effect;
  • Frequency channel selector;
  • Preset memory positions;
  • Auxiliary function: Enables the integration of the detector with external sensors, defining operating parameters to them;
  • Alphanumeric password with 2 (two) access levels (user / technician);
  • Relay outputs NA / NF with drive time adjustment;
  • Contaminated products counter;
  • Ability to inspect dry, wet, salted or sweet product lines, whether or not packaged;
  • Indicator of possible system failures;
  • Alternating power system: 110V or 220V;
  • Consumption: 50W;
  • Automatic detection adjustment (self-calibration by sampling material to be detected);
  • Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • Bargraph detection and noise indicators;
  • Filters for interference from electric fields;
  • Menu with up to three (03) languages ​​available;
  • Structure
  • Structure in different materials: Aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel;
  • Different degrees of protection (IP);
  • Removable side for easy installation;
  • Various dimensions available according to product to be inspected.
  • Guarantee: one (01) year (with possibility of expansion);
  • Permanent technical assistance throughout Brazil.





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