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Bateia Basic Nugget Gold Kit


R$ 160,00


Double panning with 14.17 Tab "
The panning 14.17 inches provides a versatile combination of channels 90 ° mini channels and flat side wall, thus allowing efficient recovery of gold by any of several techniques panning handmade.

Several mining areas to get as much gold
is like having three bateias gold mining in one! There is a standard smooth sidewall, the more thin and thick side channels to catch all sizes of alluvial gold particles efficiently so you do not lose any gold.
Thick channels capture the larger gold nuggets, while the fine channels capture the particles
tiny gold - this results in faster gold!

14.17 sieve with double-Tab "
The sieve 14.17" inches features enables rapid separation of stones and boulders that may interfere with detection of small gold particles. The channels of the screen, enable the extraction of the largest gold nuggets.

The accompanying kit:
one of panning 14.17 "(360 mm) manufactured from high strength polypropylene.
1 Screening 14.17 "(360 mm) manufactured from high strength polypropylene.
1 sucking bottle 100 ml.
1 User Guide.

Weight 1 kg

dimensions 37 × 37 × 11 cm






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